foodie bag’s

one care

steps up the enjoyment of tasty things you like to serve!!!

better & natural care of your food… and environment too… #zerowaste #plasticfree

with it we want to bring back & honour our wisdom heritage of how to preserve food

sooo fresh… sooo caring

keeps them crisp

keeps them healthy & natural



machine washable

last for years & years

vegetables, fruits, herbs

keeps longer their freshness… up to 2 weeks in the fridge

easy… easy…

wet & wring

bread :: legumes & grains

store them in your foodie bag and into the cupboard

the bread can also go to the fridge or freezer…

without wetting the bag 😉


mama also used it to preserve seashell food… just for a few days…

nuria #bakeyourbestday

wet & wring the foodie bag and store the seashells into the fridge… remember just for a few days 😉


we specially customize for chef’s, restaurants & hotel… suiting to each style and need…

for our students we created a mini serie of 3 sizes that suit for home fridges:

inches: 11” x 12”- 11” x 17” – 14” x 17”

cm: 28 L x 30 A – 43 L x 30 A – 43 L x 35 A

it’s story

I love my heritage… I want to share it with you… and bring back old wisdom of how to preserve food, that has been passed to me by my mama & grandmother Leonor…

mama was a very, very caring, wise & respectful woman… she taught me lots, lots of wonderful things… some sadly I miss and others, unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention… she was an excellent, exquisite cook… she always said that for her it was the way to say she loved us… so she poured this magic & unique ingredient that is LOVE in all her cooking… no words can describe how delicious & yummi her dishes where…

grandma Leonor, although she passed when I was little, left me deep memories of her marvelous cooking & showed me old ways to storage food… she lived in the countryside and worked very hard… she took care of the kitchen garden, poultry yard, home and cooking for her large family… I have so many amusing stories…

with these items I want to humbly honour them…

nuria #bakeyourbestday

all you purchase goes to seed funding craft atelier & boots quality training school and home for teen girls at risk & teen moms… and much more…

thanks so much in advance ❣️

for helping facilitate good life’s

natural felpa d’estiu fabric

our caring traceable process from growing the cotton to the produce…

natural fabric (ecological agriculture taking care of biodiversity)

fondly handmade, local and traceable (catalan industry)

human care :: mother earth care :: process care