mama’s pack

my loving home chef

limited edition

I’m nuria, I created #bakeyourbestday and it’s cookicon story is inspired by my mama’s love to cook & her life heritage. this meatballs frying pan is the first to come out & share with you the joy that brings to my heart and how it makes me smile!

this is our aim ‘make you smile’… feel joy!!!

the unique meatball frying pan cookicon

fabric stamp example on our apron… remember it can be used on paper & wood too…

our intention is that you can use it where ever you feel to create your unique scene…


this limited edition has been created on a wooden cube of 5 x 5 cm

the fun thing of this cube is that you can add other rubber stamp designs… so in case you want to order your own custom cookicon… consider you can have more than one and also customize the size… isn’t it fun!

the cozy apron

rustic chic… natural color cotton linen (undyed & unbleached) – pocket  broken twill in black color (dyed oikotex 100 certified)

fondly handmade and we’ve considered the movement of the fabric… the natural & living fibres… sketch mesures are in cm

very useful adjustable strap… just by pulling both sides of the strap you adjust to your commodity… simple & easy

the exclusive kitchen towel

exclusive fabric ‘niu d’abella’ combined with cotton & linen … sooo soft & fluffy… caress your skin

fondly handmade – undyed & unbleached

36 x 54 cm

14” x 21”

all you purchase goes to seed funding craft atelier & boots quality training school and home for teen girls at risk & teen moms… and much more…

thanks so much in advance ❣️

for helping facilitate good life’s

our linens

natural from integrated production, ecological agriculture taking care of biodiversity

washed at 90 ° C… this does not mean they no longer move. they keep moving, they are natural and living fibres. in the case of the apron we cut it a bit more generous to make sure that when you wash it more times do not stay smaller.

we must say we are not very fond of dryers because they involve a very high energy consumption and wear away the fabrics in excess. in the fabrics that have linen, like our apron, we recommend the dryer not to have a temperature of more than 50ºC

they may shrink around 5 o 10%

fondly handmade, local and traceable (catalan industry)

human care :: mother earth care :: process care